Tom_BobbieIt seems to us that humanity has a much higher potential than the one we’re now fulfilling and that kindness is the key to getting us there.

We don’t believe that unkindness is an innate characteristic of humanity, but emerges out of our growing failure to simply focus on or commit to being kind.

We further believe that learning to be kind is not as difficult to achieve as humans have made it out to be and would actually be a good deal easier than mopping up the messes our unkindness creates.

In addition, we believe that being kind and caring in all of our relationships at all times—starting in our own living rooms and lives on a daily, moment-to-moment basis with our primary partners and children—lies at the core of our ability to become the people we most want to be in a world we most want to inhabit.

And finally, we believe that once it occurs to us to be mindfully loving at all times in all of the rooms of our lives that it’s easier to behave in a manner that reflects our higher selves than we would have thought possible.

Accordingly, our Books, Blog Posts, and Webinars are designed to teach all of us how to remain consistently loving—regardless of the circumstances—in our personal partnerships, parenting, education, and businesses as well as in our shared communities, environment, and world.

Remarkably, the result of doing this not only impacts our own lives in a more powerful way than we could have imagined but ripples out to impact the lives of others who know us—as well as those who don’t—in a far-reaching and magical manner.

“We’ve tried everything else but kindness. How about giving it a chance to guide us toward being the people we most want to be living in the world we most want to inhabit?

—Tom and Bobbie Merrill


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